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A humbucker sized P90!

Do you have a humbucker equipped axe which is in need of some warmth and vintage vibe of a P90?

If so, this is the pickup for all your needs!

Many has humbuckers which they find too bright and thin, and this drop-in replacement is a real P90, just resized for humbucker cavities. Super-90 has a true vintage tone.

Wound to an output of Bridge: 8.2kOhm and Neck 7.8kOhm, and has BOTH an Alnico 2 and an Alnico 5 magnet, which both adds to warmth and punchy tones.

In 1946 Gibson invented the P90 pickup. This was their main pickup for almost all their guitars untill 1957, where Seth Lover invented the humbucker pickup. The P90’s greatest times was in 1952-1954, where they were found in the first Les Pauls.

Good for rockability, country, blues and classic rock.

When bought as a set, the pickups are wound RW/RP, so they’re hum-cancelling when both are active.

Position: Neck and bridge.

Magnets: Alnico 5 and Alnico 2 (2 magnets in each pickup)

Wire: 43AWG

Output: Neck: 7,8kOhm and Bridge: 8,2 kOhm

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Neck, Bridge, Sæt


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