About us

Lücking Pickups1pngWelcome to Lücking Pickups

We have specialized in handmade boutique pickups, for all forms of electric guitars.

We recieve your orders, and do our best to ensure all of our costumers are more than happy with their new pickups.

Fair prices and the possibility to ship thoughout Denmark, Europe and even the most of the world (including US) makes our company a good and well working brand.

The most important for us at Lücking Pickups is happy and satisfied costumers. Service and quality is what we prioritize the most.

When you source your pickups at Lücking pickups, you also support 2 young entrepreneurs, and we do our best to make guitarists and axe lovers in Denmark and the rest of the world a little happier every day. (We’re axe lovers, we know what we’re talking about!)


We appreciate suggestions and feedback from You, so we can improve in the future.

Guarantee on our pickups:

We have a 14-day right of return on pickups chosen from our standard range. 14 days right of return no longer apply to pickups wound custom for your specs, which is not a part of our standard range.

We guarantee that our pickups are free from production failures and defects for lifetime, to the original buyer, by proof of buy.

If there is any problems with our pickups, do not hestitate to contact us through email so we can solve the problem together before anything is sent to us!

By attempt of changes/modifications or self-inflicted defects, the guarantee is cancelled. Therefore, we reccommend that our pickups remain in their covers, and that humbuckers in particular under no circumstances are opened. Store the pickups safely and in a fixed place, if they’re not in a guitar (where they belong!)

If something goes wrong and for example a wire breaks during a cover-change, email us, and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do for you.

Thank you!

Søren Lücking and Peter Vilstrup
Founders and owners, Lücking Pickups