We perform any kind of repairs and mods that has something to do with pickups.

Magnet change

If you’re searching for another sound in your humbuckers or P90’s, we can change the magnet in your pickups to our own top-quality Alnico 2, Alnico 3, Alnico 5 og Ceramic (C8).

Alnico 2: Medium output, bright top, soft sound and plenty of warmth.

Alnico 3: Vintage correct magnet for single coils. Soft, rounded and vintage sound.

Alnico 5: More output, scooped mids, punch, pick-attack and clarity. A good magnet for pickups with a bit more output, or pickups which require punch.

C8: Strong magnet, very bright tone. Retains clarity and tone even with heavy distortion. The perfect choice for metal and distortion humbuckers.

Recharging/remagnetization of magnets/pickups

We can remagnitize your magnets or single coils. Age, physical hits, contact with other magnets/amp speakers and temperature changes can weaken Alnico and Ceramic magnets’ output over time. A remagnetization will increase output and kick in the sound.

Remagnetization is not recommended for pickups older than the 80’s, since lowering output can help the sound in a vintage way. Pickups of this age will slowly weaken.

Prices of magnet-changes and remagnetizations:

Change of magnets:

1 pc: 150DKK incl. magnets

2 pcs: 250DKK incl. magnets

3 pcs or more: 100DKK each incl. magnets

remagnetizations of magnets:

1-5 pcs 40DKK/pc

6-10 pcs 30DKK/pc

11+ pcs 25DKK/pc

Sale of magnets:

We also sell our own bar-magnets for standard-size humbuckers and P90s.

Alnico 2, 3 and 5 and Ceramic 8

1-10 pcs: 100DKK/pc

11-20 pcs 75DKK/pc

20+ pcs 65DKK/pc

Please contact us through the website or through mail for these services.

NB! Prices is added 39DKK in shipping within the EU in shipping and handling charges.